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Pre Packaging

Marking Pen Black – $3

Permanent marking pen to write on boxes. Black with pointed tip.

Bubble Wrap

Available in: 0mm x 1.5m x 1m – $15 10mm sized bubbles. Clear protective packaging. Provides cushioning and support of products during moving and storage

Packing Tape – $3.50

The packing tape is a long standing performer in box sealing. With high strength and split resistant its Ideal for reinforcing all size cartons closed as well as taping off Plastic Furniture Protection Covers ends like mattress on lounge bags.

Bike Carton – $30

Recognised as the removals industry box of choice for transporting bikes; this heavy duty box is also great for storing well wrapped large art or table tops. Bike disassembly instructions are included on the box to allow for easy transporting

Butchers Paper

Butchers paper is ideal for wrapping the breakable items or fragile items, unlike newspaper it doesn’t leave ink stains on the kitchen items or ornaments which would create extra work while unpacking. Ideal for wrapping and packing dinner plates, glasses etc. Available in: 2.5kg – $15, 5kg – $23.00, 15kg – $48

Picture Cartons – $6

Ideal for small and medium sized pictures, mirrors, paintings or table tops. Durable single layer cardboard. Clearly labelled as fragile item box. For ultimate protection, wrap pictures first in paper, bubble or other protective packaging.

Book/Wine Cartons – $4

The book/wine cartons are a very popular size, they are a sturdy cushion cardboard carton, and are great for the heavy small items like books and DVD’s and bottles packing kitchen items, small appliances, lamps or knick knacks and fragile or breakable items.

Tea Chest Cartons – $5

The Tea chest cartons has twin cushion cardboard provides excellent structural strength for stacking and have protection for breakable and bulky items. The tea chest cartons are ideal for the lighter, bulkier item like pots and pans clothing, pillows, bed linens.

Telescopic Two Piece Picture Carton

The inner and outer box construction of this set makes it flexible to pack medium to large pictures easily. Pack items up to 1.5m long.

Plasma/LCD Cartons

Available Size
Large – $140
Medium – $110
Small – $77

Porta-Robe Carton – $23

The porta-robe cartons have a hanging rail for transferring your clothes from your old wardrobe to the new wardrobe. Ideal for the clothing that would crinkle from being folded such as suits, dresses, business wear etc. The porta-robe cartons make packing much easier.

Mattress Covers

Used to protect your mattress from dirt, dust and water during, moving, storing or renovation. Avoid getting hand prints, dirt or even having your mattress being torn. Available in many sizes and only a small outlay to protect your mattress. Available Size Single – $10.00 King – $15.00 Queen – $12.50

Studio Pack – Now $60
  • Large Tea Chest x 5
  • Book/Wine Cartons x 5
  • Packing Paper x 2.5kg
  • Packing Tape x 1
  • 1 Queen Mattress Protector

Small Pack – Now $120
1-2 Bedrooms. Includes:
  • Large Tea Chest x 10
  • Book/Wine Cartons x 10
  • Packing Paper x 5k
  • Packing Tape x 2
  • 2 Queen Mattress Protector

Medium Pack – Now $220
3-4 Bedrooms. Includes:
  • Large Tea Chest x 20
  • Book/Wine Cartons x 20
  • Packing Paper x 10kg
  • Packing Tape x 3
  • 3 Queen Mattress Protector

Large Pack – Now $350
5-6 Bedrooms. Includes:
  • Large Tea Chest x 30
  • Book/Wine Cartons x 30
  • Packing Paper x 15kg
  • Packing Tape x 4
  • 4 Queen Mattress Protector

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